As a professional association, NCPLA provides its members with updated resources, leadership opportunities and networking opportunities with fellow peers and legislators in North Carolina.

Mission Statement

NCPLA serves our members by providing education, networking and advocacy for the lobbying profession while promoting the highest ethical standards in North Carolina.

Code of Conduct

The professional lobbyist plays an important role in our system of government by helping to ensure that lawmakers have full and accurate information with which to make decisions.

Members of the North Carolina Professional Lobbyists Association have an obligation to conduct themselves in such a way that they maintain public respect for their profession and for the legislative process

Members of the North Carolina Professional Lobbyists Association:

  1.  Shall conduct with integrity and honesty all relations with public office holders, clients, potential clients, employers, the public and other lobbyists.
  2. Shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing lobbying as well as standards of conduct applying to officials and staff of the North Carolina General Assembly.
  3. Shall disclose the identity of the person or organization for whom they are acting.
  4. Shall provide information that is accurate and factual to public office holders, and shall not engage in misrepresentation of any nature.
  5. Shall not divulge confidential information unless they have obtained the informed consent of their client, employer or organization, or such disclosure is required by law.
  6. Shall not represent conflicting or competing interests without the informed consent of those whose interests are involved.
  7. Shall not place public office holders in a conflict of interest by proposing or undertaking any action that would constitute an improper influence on a public office holder.

Violations of Code of Conduct

Violation of the NCPLA Code of Conduct may result in loss of membership status in the Association.

A written and signed complaint by a member of NCPLA alleging violation of this code may be filed with any officer of the Association. Upon receipt of such complaint the Standards and Conduct Committee will inform the accused member and investigate the complaint. The Standards and Conduct Committee will make a recommendation for disciplinary action to the Board of Directors. Action will be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Disciplinary action may include:

  • Dismissal of the charges against the lobbyist.
  • Reprimand of the lobbyist.
  • Loss of membership in the Association.


NCPLA By-Laws Updated October 21, 2020

NCPLA By-Laws 2020 (PDF)