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How to Retain a Lobbyist

In the modern political world, it is not unusual for business and
organizations to need representation before the North Carolina
Legislature and government agencies. Many large entities employ
lobbyists on a full-time basis, but even they sometimes need additional
help in the form of contract lobbyists. Identifying an experienced,
reputable lobbyist suited to an organization's needs is imprecise at

A veteran lobbyist should have a political network including both N.C.
Legislature and Congressional contacts. He or she should have a stellar
reputation among both peers and lobbying contacts. And he should
have experience with the congressional committees or government
agencies with jurisdiction over the issue areas to be lobbied.
There are pros and cons to consider in deciding which background a
lobbyist should have: law degree, public relations credentials, state
and local, congressional or administrative experience. Retaining a
lobbyist is a very individual decision with few concrete guidelines. But
it should be recognized that no single professional has the skill to
resolve every lobbying problem. It is also important to be aware that
no lobbyist enjoys a 100% success rate; there are always excellent
lobbyists on the losing end of every congressional skirmish.

Adapted from The American League of Lobbyists website.

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